Lamb Souvlaki

Delicious, succulent and perfectly moist Greek lamb souvlaki (Lamb Kebab) skewers. This amazing Greek lamb souvlaki recipe will get the grill going!

The most loved street food in Greece is souvlaki. A lump of succulent, well-seasoned meat served with cooling tzatziki sauce and topped with crispy and fluffy pita bread. You can’t ask for anything more!

While I love Greek chicken and pork souvlaki skewers, I believe you will agree that my favorite charcoal barbecued lamb souvlaki is charcoal barbecued lamb souvlaki. A traditional Moussaka is also available. It is a shame that lamb souvlaki can be substituted for pork skewers these days, which are a cheaper option.

If you love lamb as much as I do, this is the perfect recipe for Greek Lamb Souvlaki. It includes fluffy pita bread, creamy tzatziki sauce, and fluffy pita bread. You can make your own juicy lamb souvlaki skewers right from scratch.

Greek Lamb Souvlaki Recipe – Making the marinade.

The marinade is the most crucial step in creating the best traditional Greek lamb souvlaki.

Tip – Marinating your lamb souvlaki for at least four hours in the refrigerator will allow the aromas of the meat to infuse it and give it the desired flavors.

The best way to get the lamb souvlaki (skewers) crispy and smokey is to grill them on a charcoal barbecue. They can be cooked on a grill pan or in an oven if you don’t have enough space or time for a barbecue.

The cooking time varies greatly depending on how cooked you like your meat. Most Greeks don’t like medium-rare lamb kebabs, so most tavernas serve them well.


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