what are the hottest chilis in the world?

Top 5 Hottest Chillies in the World

The Hottest Chillies in the world

“Variety’s the spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”, the poet William Cowper once said, obviously never having had his tongue completely burnt off by the relentless fire of a Ghost Pepper. Sure, a little spice here and there makes all the difference, but today we’re going to take it up a notch or two. Or 3 million. You might like some Jalepenos on your Hot and Spicy Pizza, but have you ever tried one of the hottest chillies in the world? Let’s investigate, Delivery Hero style…

Rocking the Scoville

At some point humans decided that we needed a more scientific scale for measuring spicy heat than “Yeah it’s kind of burning my tongue” and “Pass me the f******n milk!!!”. Thankfully, an American pharmacist named Wilbur Scoville devised a method that managed to measure the level of capsaicin in parts per million, known as Scoville Heat Units. You can think of capsaicin as a unit of heat that produces a burning sensation in any tissue it comes into contact with. A mild Jalepeno has a Scoville rating of 1,000 – 1,500 units. Chipotle comes in at around 5,000 – 8,000, and the hottest Tabasco peppers rank at around 30,000 to 50,000. The Ghost Pepper has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of 800,000 to 1,000,000, and that’s not even the hottest. Oh yeah, capsaicin is also the active ingredient in pepper spray. *Here’s a helpful hint – don’t use it as a condiment on your Chicken Wings like this guy:

The World’s Hottest Chillies

So – here we go, a countdown of the world’s top 5 hottest chillies, along with video of some poor wretched soul awesome guy trying each one:) Please keep in mind: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME unless you are going to film it and put it on Youtube for our amusement.


Number Five Hottest Chilli – Dorset Naga – Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 660,000 to 1,032,000

Dorset Naga is a subspecies of the original Naga species from Bangladesh. It tastes like pain mixed with burny hurt, as you can probably tell from this video;)

Choice Video Quote: “It’s heatin’ up, ay”


Number Four Hottest Chilli – Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) – SHU: 800,000 – 1,041,000

Although it has since been surpassed by other chillies, the Ghost Pepper is perhaps the most well-known chilli in the world after Tabasco and Jalepenos. This thing is not playing around, and watching ‘Chuck from the Bronx’ ingest raw flames adds to the fun.

Choice Video Quote: “It’s like Purgatory in my mouth”


Number Three Hottest Chilli – Infinity – SHU: 800,000 – 1,067,000

The Infinity pepper has been made into a whole range of sauces that are sure to make dinner really fun, but for the real deal you’ve got to watch this guy give it the full analysis.

Choice Video Quote “It feels like I swallowed molten lead”


Number Two Hottest Chilli – Naga Viper – SHU: 800,000 – 1,382,000

The Naga Viper is the Grim Reaper in chilli form. The previous chillies were child’s play compared to them. As proof, here we have a professional chilli taster basically explode on camera, with tragic hilarious results.

Choice Video Quote “Oh! It’s in my eyes“


Number One Hottest Chilli in the World – Trinidad Scorpion – SHU: 900,000 – 1,463,000

Congratulations to New South Wale’s own ‘The Chilli Factory’ for creating the hottest chilli in the world – the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T! This chilli is apparently so hot that the creators wear protective gear to handle it, but of course that doesn’t mean that someone didn’t have a go at handling it with his mouth. Enter “Ted, the Fire-Breathing Idiot”…

Choice Video Quote “I can’t swallow the saliva, it burns so bad!”


So there you go guys, next time it seems as though your Thai Red Chicken Curry is a little spicy, think of Chuck from the Bronx eating a Ghost Pepper:)


For those of you in Sydney that are keen to test out how you would manage against some very hot chilli, we’ve got a list of 3 Thai restaurants that serve up some very spicy meals!

Giant Chilli Thai – Carrington Road, Waverley, 2024

Giant Chilli Thai has a wide range of amazing Thai food, but to see if you can handle the heat try out their spicy Jungle Curry (Cooked with Hot Chilli Paste, Thai Herbs and mixed Vegetables).


Taste of Thai – Belmore Road, Randwick, 2031

Taste of Thai prepare an almighty Pad Krapaogai Yang (Stir Fried Hot Chilli with BBQ Chicken finely chopped Green Bean and Thai Basil) that will set your hairs on edge and heat up your mouth like Chuck from the Bronx!


Thai Hot Corner – Old Northern Road, Dural, 2158

Try the Basil King Prawn Combo (Stir fried with Hot Chilli & Fresh Basil Leaves with Vegetables) if you think you’ve got what it takes to let that &%@$# burn :)


What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever eaten? Have you tried any of the chillies on this list? How much would someone have to pay you to eat a Trinidad Scorpion? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Deidre_Chambers

    Idiots. Although it’s kinda satisfying seeing someone go from ‘I’m a tough guy’ to screaming/ nearly crying biatch.

    • DeliveryHeroAU

      Haha @Deidre, yeah the guy in the last vid underwent the complete transformation from tough guy to wimp!

  • http://www.sidelinereporter.wordpress.com/ Alex

    “It tastes like pain mixed with burny hurt” – hilarious!

    And a great collection of videos! I love seeing people hurting themselves in such a funny way!

    • DeliveryHeroAU

      So do we, Alex, so do we:)

  • http://blog.deliveryhero.com.au/ RichB7

    I thought he was going to pass out! Obhh the pain!! I feel bad for laughing…

    • DeliveryHeroAU

      Haha yeah a couple of times it really did look like he was going to faint:)

  • John Cartwright

    Damn, taking me back to my first days of Uni ;)

  • TallDan

    seems like these guys are just shy of the Darwin Awards.

    • DeliveryHeroAU

      When you’re talking 1.5 million Scoville’s you’re definitely playing with fire;)

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  • http://twitter.com/j_curnow James Curnow

    I ate 2/3 of a fresh Butch T at a local chilli festival last year (going again tomorrow). That last video is no joke. While I’d like to believe I held up better than that guy….seriously…one of the most insane experiences of my life. It started off hotter than any chilli I had ever eaten (I’ve eaten a few) and just got hotter and hotter. Probably a full 20 minutes till it started tapering off.

  • Allan S. Hugo

    I wouldn’t dare eating any of these. I would die.

  • Adam Goodway

    I’d give it a go have eaten the other four :) didn’t know this one existed

    • Jacob Dawson

      You must be a brave man, Adam – I like spicy food but the guys in these videos don’t look like they’re having too much fun ;)

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