Healthy takeaway options for staying in shape

Healthy Fast Food and Takeaway Options for Fitness Junkies

The life of a fitness junkie isn’t easy. In addition to all of the pain, preparation and dedication, there’s the difficulty of having to be careful about what you eat at all times. If you’ve ever tried to stick to a bodybuilding or fitness model diet, you’d know that it’s virtually impossible to find the right balance for nutrients when you’re away from home.

Another issue with eating according to a strict set of rules is that you usually end up eating the same thing everyday at the same time. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of super-tasty takeaway cuisines that you can order in without ruining all of the hard work that you’ve put in.


Healthy takeaway food doesn’t have to be bland!

If you’ve never tried to adhere to a healthy eating regime before, you’ll be happy to know that you can start by adding some of these suggested meals to your diet, safe in the knowledge that you’re eating a solid combination of nutrients without sacrificing all of the flavour.

First, we’re going to lay out some guidelines that will help you decide what to order in if you don’t go with our prepared list:

  • Skip fatty dressings like oil and mayonnaise
  • Same goes for butter, cream and cheese
  • Try to avoid bread & rice
  • Stay away from the fried options
  • Make sure the portion sizes are reasonable and don’t automatically go for entrees & dessert.
  • Look for a good mix of protein, minimal carbs and medium to low levels of fat
  • The less sugar or salt, the better

Healthy takeaway options for staying in shape

Now that we have a few guidelines to follow, here are our suggestions:

Healthy Chinese Takeaway:    Chinese is often thought of as being high in oil and fat, but for the most part it’s actually a well-balanced cuisine with low amounts of sugar and a nice mix of meat and vegetables. The thing to be most careful of when looking for a Chinese delivery that won’t kill your waist-line is to avoid the fried-rice at all costs. It’s packed full of carbs, and if it contains pieces of bacon then it’s definitely a diet killer. Instead, go for King Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables, or the Lemon Grass Chilli Chicken. These are packed with flavour but minus the rice they’re perfect for a post-workout meal, or a guilt-free takeaway for after-work.

Healthy Indian Takeaway: With Indian food, much like Chinese, you have to watch out for the rice, but there’s also another hidden trap – the curry sauce. Lots of Indian curries use sauces filled with cream, butter or coconut milk, which are sure to play havoc with your healthy lifestyle. Instead of going for a Butter Chicken with rice, try the Tandoori Chicken – the chicken pieces are high in protein and haven’t been fried. With a side of Aloo Ghobi vegetables you’ve got yourself a spicy, super-tasty takeaway minus the unwanted calories:)

Healthy Thai Takeaway:    Thai cuisine is known for its tangy contrasts, with citrus bursts coming up against spicy chilli explosions and creamy Coconut milk mixes. The first thing we’ll avoid here is the Coconut milk – it sure is delicious, but at 200 calories for half-a-cup it’s just not worth it except for special occasions. We’ll skip the rice and also go for a meal that isn’t plastered in sauce, as a lot of Thai sauces contain lots of sugar and salt. So, instead of the Massamun Curry, this time we’re going to opt for Cashew Chicken and a Tom Yum soup. We still get the delicious flavours that Thai food is renowned for, but we’ll save ourselve from having to do another 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight!

Healthy Pizza Options: We all know Pizza is a minefield of calories, and you won’t find many bodybuilding magazines recommending an all-Pizza diet, but if you choose the right toppings and the right time for the meal (either in the middle of day so you burn off calories while working or 1 hour after a work out), you can get away with some reasonably healthy slices. Of course, salami, pepperoni and bacon are off the menu with this one, as is pineapple or double-cheese. To keep yourself looking trim, we’re opting for a Pizza high in protein and a good mix of vegetables. Try the Nove, with marinated King Prawns, tomato, over roasted capsicum and Pesto with a Rocket Salad on the side.


Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls are nutritious and delicious

Check out the healthy takeaway options that deliver to you below.  


Baked in South Melbourne – loads of salads

Soolzip Korean & Japanese – salmon mains and vegan teriyaki dishes

Pasha’s Turkish Restaurant – vegetarian and vegan dishes, lean grilled meats and salads

Soul Vietnamese Kitchen – organic juices, coleslaw salads, low-fat pho soups and fresh bún bowls (rice vermicelli noodle salad mains)


Almustafa – loads of salads, grilled meats and vegetartian options

Chang Siam – Thai food – low calorie clear soups like Tom Yum, salads and grilled BBQ meats and seafood

Shoyu – sushi and sashimi

Saigon Bay – rice paper rolls, vegetarian entrees and mains, steamed fish mains and tofu dishes


Red Emperor Seafood – seafood of all types


Turkish Halal Pide House Yarralumla – Turkish and Lebanese dips, vegetarian entrees, grilled meats and low-fat pides

I Love Thai – salads, grilled meats, soups

Did we miss something?  We’d love to hear your tips on how to stay healthy when ordering takeaway.

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