Happy New Year!


Goodbye 2011- Hello a brand new year promising to be even better than the last -Unless the Mayan’s were right all along, in which case the end of the world is neigh and you should be running off to some remote island to enjoy what time we have left immediately!

For the rest of us slightly less dramatic people, let me take the time to say welcome back to the real world! The past two weeks have been a fantastic whirlwind of celebrations and sunburn, but we have made it to the other side and here at Delivery Hero we are energized to make this year our best yet!
If Christmas is about giving and being with our friends and family, then surely New Years is all about you! Setting your resolutions, planning your year and buying your gym membership which you swear you will use this time!
Well we are no different. Our New Year’s Resolution is all about YOU as well.
This year we will be working to grow our website for you, make sure all your favourite restaurants are here and make sure our customer service rocks. We love any feedback and are more than happy to have a chat anytime – just call: 1300 MY MEAL.
Remember, we are here to work hard and to make sure things keep getting better and better – kinda like a Gym membership, but way more fun!

2012 certainly has a good ring about it, so let’s get started.


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Posted on: January 4, 2012 | by: Delivery Hero

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