Chinese New Year Yee Sang

Celebrate Chinese New Year with great Chinese Delivery

With the departure of 2011 and the arrival of 2012, January can be a busy month. Whether it be racing around catching up with friends you missed before Christmas, or driving to your favourite camping spot, you can’t forget that on January 23rd it’s Chinese New Year! What better way to celebrate then creating your own Chinese delivery banquet at home, with the help from Delivery Hero of course!

Chinese New Year

It’s the year of the Dragon this Chinese New Year and the lunar New Year on the 23rd of January will kick of 15 days of celebrations across Australia including twilight parades, dragon boat races, night markets, workshops, tours and performances, finishing off with a Lantern Festival. And of course, the huge selection of traditional and unique Chinese New Year meals.

Families spend weeks preparing food, decorating their homes and making offerings to the Chinese Kitchen God by cooking up festive foods. Why stress yourself out with cooking and celebrate your own way. Avoid all hassle by ordering in!If you’re in Sydney why not try the home-style Chinese cooking at Balmain Star Chinese?   A popular Chinese New Year tradition is to eat a prosperity salad called Yee Sang or only vegetarian dishes on the first day of the New Year.  It sounds like a perfect opportunity to us to try Grandma’s Spicy Bean Curd or Steamed Gow Gee.  Balmain Star also has a large selection of prawn and seafood dishes like Sun Buoy Prawns and Spicy Salt and Pepper fried Squid, not to mention duck in every possible way!

Chinese New Year Yee Sang

Chinese New Year Yee Sang

Melbourne Chinese food lovers who love classic Chinese delivery cuisine like Lemon Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Won Ton Soup and Crispy Spring Rolls or Sesame Prawn, look no further than Yummy Palace in Ascot Vale .  The classics done to perfection.  Then fill your house with candle lanterns, red and gold, serve your Chinese cuisine in small meals and enjoy a hot Chinese tea.  Make it your own. Every Australian loves a reason to party and Chinese New Year is great opportunity to get friends and family together to enjoy one of the most popular takeaway cuisines in the world.

How does your friends and family celebrate Chinese New Year?

Images: Enter the Dragon by Kennymatic : Flickr and Yee Sang – Chinese New Year by avlxyz : Flickr


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